Monday, August 27, 2012

Lost It

People say you lose it once you get engaged. I have fought hard to deny that reality. Last week - it became undeniable.

A good friend and I decided to visit another good friend at the Fair to support the booth she was in charge of. I checked the website for the Utah State Fair for admissions fees and hours of operation, filled up my car with gas for the drive to Salt Lake, and picked up my friend for our grand adventure. We talked and laughed all the way to Salt Lake. We found the State Fair Grounds with little effort and without getting lost (that's a big deal for me in Salt Lake...ok, or anywhere). Then we looked inside the Grounds. They were completely empty. No one anywhere! Wierd.

So, we called our friend. Guess what? She was at the Fair. But the Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork! Three hours and some minutes after we started our journey...we finally made it to the Fair. Oh boy. Good thing the company was awesome cuz that was the LONGEST drive to Spanish Fork of my ENTIRE life!


Baby Sister said...

Haha. That totally sounds like something I would do!!

e said...

WHAT? you went to the fair without me! I am sad now....I wanted to go.