Wednesday, September 23, 2009


9/22/2009 DAY TWO:

I thought I was immune to the crafting world. I thought I was strong enough to not be sucked into that vortex. Not that there's anything wrong with crafting - I have just never been crafty. I swore to my boss when I started at CX that I would never purchase supplies from our store and I would never become addicted to being crafty. Well, needless to say, here I sit a year later with over $500 of crafting materials on the table behind me. Yeah, we're not even going to go there.

My most recent (well, almost most recent...)purchase was the Cricut Expression machine. I finally broke down and bought one of my very own - even though I have one on my desk at work and play with it for hours every day and I do spend more time at work than I do at home so you would think I don't need my own...but I do. Last night I showed the kids how to work the Cricut and just let them go at it. I was thinking they would keep it simple and just play around with it for an hour or so....Six hours later - they had created a full-blown Harry Potter paper doll set, complete with all the characters from the books, all the scenery in the books and movies and all of the accessories you could possibly imagine. They told me this morning that they don't want to call or play with friends at all this week - they just want to play with the Cricut. I hope I have enough in savings to support their growing paper needs!! They might need some serious addiction recovery counseling when their parents get home.
The Moral of the Story: Don't just become addicted to something yourself, make sure you take the Bishops kids down with you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Beginning of The End

This week I have inherited three children...I am not babysitting because there is no baby and there is DEFINITELY no sitting! I am watching the three oldest kids of my parents bishop while he and his wife are in Hawaii for 8 days - I am still trying to figure out why I didn't volunteer to be their luggage carrier instead. So this week, since I get off at 12:30 every day and they don't get home until 2:30, I shall use that brief moment in time to narrate the sure to come adventures of the week.

09/21/2009 DAY ONE:

I decided to be diplomatic and ask the kids what they wanted to do for family night. In all my years of overnight babysitting I have found a foolproof equation with Utah County children: Mom and Dad are gone + the babysitter can drive + Mom and Dad left lots of money = CHUCK E CHEESE! It never fails. So I didn't even bat an eye when they came up with that one all on their own. I did, however, start to panic a little on the car ride to Chuck E Cheese - I mean, these are the BISHOPS kids and I'm supposed to teach them something worthwhile and uplifting for family to eat pizza? No. How to yell louder than all the other kids in the restaurant? No. How to become obsessive gamblers? Probably shouldn't.

It ended better than expected though - we talked about choice and accountability. We even managed to get a scripture on the subject in. :) Now, instead of sounding like I prepared their children for a trip to the Las Vegas Strip - I'll sound like I spent hours preparing a killer object lesson to teach an important principle. SCORE!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toilet Trivia

So my house now officially has no toilets. That is NOT super cool when you go to work there for long stretches at a time. And I was talking to a friend the other day, explaining this rather awkward situation and he told me to just go out back, behind the bushes. Well, there are only two GIGANTIC problems with that - first, it's not so easy for us girls to just squat where we stand....and that's if we're even talented enough to squat anywhere at all! And secondly, we cut down the trees and pulled out all the bushes in the whole yard...yeah, I'm thinking I'll walk to the gas station and save my neighbors the trouble of calling the cops to report our indecent exposure.