Monday, August 15, 2011

A Clean Post

When I was a little kid and tried to manipulate my Mother into letting me get a puppy, she would always ask how I would keep it clean. I would answer that if I had a puppy, it could just shower with me every morning. Then it would always be clean and I would never have to bathe it. Foolproof plan right?

Well, I don't have a fan in my bathroom right now and so I have to leave the door open just a crack. And without fail, every morning, a little, furry head pokes around the corner of the shower curtain. As much as I thought that was a great idea as a child - I certainly DO NOT appreciate it now. So when that furry little head pokes into the shower - I yell. A lot. And throw things. Occasionally. Until she leaves me to finish my shower in peace.

The other day while I was showering, I was noting that my superior training skills had finally paid off and the dog was not sticking her head in the shower. Then, I felt something on my leg. So I turned around. Piper had climbed in the shower and was standing right behind me. In. My. Shower! Good thing my neighbors only speak Spanish and I only yell in English!