Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Herd You

So imagine, you walk into the ten stall restroom at work and realize you are completely and utterly alone. This for me is a moment when there is 'much rejoicing'. I definitely appreciate solitude and privacy - especially in certain aspects of life...this being one of them. Soon the door opens and an unidentifiable coworker enters the room. Out of the nine remaining, totally empty, completely usable stalls...she goes in to the stall RIGHT next to you.
Living proof that humans are definitely mammals - we have this, sometimes insurmountable, need to be with our herd, our pack, our flock...well, I guess that's fowl. But it WAS fowl that she used the stall right next to me! Lame. Tomorrow I'll bring caution tape and tape off the surrounding area. Although I'm not sure the unidentifiable coworker would be able to use the restroom then. She might have to go back and get a buddy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Runner Without Shoes

So...I recently came to a realization about myself. I...I am a runner. No, I don't own any fancy running shoes - in fact, I run better in my regular, every day shoes. No, I haven't spent an unreasonable amount on running clothes to reduce friction and help me run faster - in fact, I run better in my regular, every day clothes. I didn't buy an Ipod and Earbuds to run with - I can run without music. I never pictured myself as a runner. Most people I know wouldn't say they picture me as a runner. But I am definitely a runner. I run - I run from men. I run from commitment. I run from stable, promising relationships.
As soon as they make 'the move' or we have 'the talk' - I bolt. I thought for sure this time would be different. But it appears I am getting too good at running...too used to it. Maybe subconsciously I get some sort of satisfaction...a 'runners high', if you will. It doesn't really matter why I run ... I just do. And I have to find a way to stop running ... ... ...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just In Case I Forget

Okay, can I first just say that I LOVE my job and my coworkers! I started a new job four weeks ago and I am lovin' it! Illustration:
Today was my coworker Sara's birthday. When I first started working there, we all had a conversation about birthdays...mine happened to be the weekend after I started working there.

Well, my other coworker forgot it was Sara's birthday today. Sara reminded her and her apologetic response to being reminded was to turn to me and say 'That means we forgot your birthday! Your birthday was before Sara's!' To which I responded, 'Yeah, but my birthday was like a month ago.' They all 'oh yeah'ed and then, my coworker Stacy randomly says, 'Well, Happy Birthday anyway. And Merry Christmas too - just in case I forget.'

So, Merry Christmas everyone - just in case I forget.