Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Man Syndrome

I know I've talked about the Yudu machine from Provo Craft before - well, someone just called into the Yudu infomercial line with the greatest story about the Yudu I think I've ever heard.

Apparently, their parents were happily camping when a bear came into camp and was going to attack them. Well, their brave little chihuahua jumped in and attacked the bear back. Then the chihuahua managed to scare the bear away. So now, these people are using their Yudu machine to make t-shirts to help them raise money to pay the medical bills for the chihuahua that is in the pet hospital.

Is it terribly sick and twisted that I think that is hilarious?! If this dog is anything like my neighbor's chihuahua, which totally has little man (or little dog) syndrome...then, I could totally see why it thought it could take on a bear. I am just amazed that it didn't get squished! I totally want a t-shirt with some random chihuahua on it that says something fantastic like 'The chihuahua that defeated the bear!'