Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Squeakquel

So last night my family and I watched The Chipmunks, The Squeakquel. At one part in the movie, the girl chipmunks are singing in the band room of the school and the camera cuts to a bunch of clips of kids throughout the school dancing to the high pitched voices being broadcast loudly on the PA system. And then it cuts back to the band room, now filled with students cheering and dancing to the music. While watching this scene, Matthew said sarcastically, "Right."

I just stared at him.. Seriously?! The fact that the whole movie is based on chipmunks with more intelligence than the average 5th grader who sing, dance and wear trendy little outfits - that's not unrealistic. The fact that they drive motorcycles and fly themselves around town on remote control helicopters - that's not unbelievable. But students dancing to their music or stopping in the band room to gawk at them - that my friends is mind blowing, absolutely not possible and completely incomprehensible.

I know the kid is a genius - but he seriously needs to get out more.