Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank Goodness!

Lately I've been having some pretty crazy dreams. Last night I dreamt that I was on vacation with the family.  There are only two things that I remember in vivid detail:
1- We went to this huge shopping mall and kept stopping to buy and eat food. And my mom was totally obsessed with eating ice cream. She kept stopping at every ice cream stand to buy some. Pretty sure I have no idea what my subconscious was telling me with this one!
2 - It was Sunday. And it was Fast Sunday - but somehow I didn't know it was Sunday, or Fast Sunday, until half way through our shopping and ice cream eating spree. And I was MORTIFIED. Quotes from General Authorities about keeping The Sabbath Day holy kept running through my mind. I told the fam and they were all like, 'Oh yeah. Oops.' and kept eating their ice cream. I seriously had a full-on panic attack in my dream. I didn't know what to do. I was sure it was the end of my life and my eternal salvation.
Thankfully I woke up. And even more thankfully, I still have time to make sure that dream doesn't come true next Fast Sunday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Can be Thankful - Sometimes

It seems fitting that my next post...following the last post about Thanksgiving....should rightly belong to the holiday I tried to defend. I feel a little overwhelmed thinking about everything I am grateful for. So - I narrowed it down to three - but please realize that these three categories encapsulate my entire life...and that's a lot. So they might be really fat - although not nearly as fat as if I tried to honestly include everything (and everyone) in them. Just warning you.

First, I am grateful for people. I am grateful for people who make life bearable - the people who randomly smile when you're feeling down, or the people who turn around in line and start a happy little convo with you while you're waiting to check out, or the people who are really good at their jobs and rarely get noticed but make my job and my life so much easier. I am grateful for the people who don't know that I noticed them - the mother who tenderly consoled her crying child instead of getting frustrated, the elderly man who laughs and jokes even though he has no knee joint, no hip joint and can't even get himself out of bed, the couple who have been married for a decade and are somehow still madly in love, the professor who courageously teaches truth in the face of opposition. If you are reading this - you are a people. But not just any people. You are a people that has made a difference. If I start to list you all by name - Blogger will kick my post out because it would be long enough to quite probably circumvent the entire globe. So, you better just know who you are - and you should know that I love you. I could not survive without you. I am grateful for so many amazing people I call my friends. You define me. I am better because of you. I am grateful for people (all crazy million of them) that I call my family. They are my whole world. I am grateful for people!

Second, I am grateful for things. I am grateful for things like a house, a car, a job, a computer, the Internet, my glasses, school - things that make it easier for me to spend time with and take care of and love the people in my life. I am grateful that modern conveniences free up so much time and space in my brain that I can focus more on what I truly love the most - people!

And lastly, and arguably most importantly, I am grateful for my Savior. I have people and things because of Him and His tender care toward me. In fact, I have EVERYTHING because of Him. If I start the list - it would be longer than my people list. There simply are not words to express how grateful I am for Him and for His Gospel, His living prophet, His scriptures, His doctrines of salvation, His magnificent life and awesome Atonement. But you should know that I am grateful for Him.

As you can see - I have a LOT to be grateful for. So, thanks for reading through my list of blessings with me!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas in November

A lot of friends have been talking about how much they hate Christmas creeping into (or completely taking over) November. So I started thinking about the issue - because apparently it's a big one and obviously something I should be thinking about, right?
I think Thanksgiving suffers from severe middle-child syndrome. Halloween comes first and is a little bit crazy but well recognized, highly celebrated and ridiculously loved. Then there's Christmas, the ever impatient youngest child who can't wait their turn...ever. Plus Christmas is the 'favorite' child - it's loved, celebrated, commercialized, overpriced and way over represented.
And Thanksgiving just sits back and gets run over by these two crazy holidays on either side of it. It never complains when people forget it or when international businesses schedule important meetings that day (ugh...speaking from experience on that). Thanksgiving doesn't mind giving the lime light to the other two. Why? Because it's THANKSGIVING - it's humble and grateful for what it has and for the little recognition receives from Thanksgiving die-hards. By very definition it won't fight to be on top - it goes against it's nature.
But, truly, Thanksgiving and Christmas have a lot in common. Turkey, pie, mashed potatoes, post turkey naps, days off of work, extra pounds to eat and gain, great family and friends to celebrate with, pie - did I mention pie? No, seriously though, isn't the purpose between the two holidays essentially the same? To remember? One holiday celebrates remembering the blessings we receive and the people who enrich our lives. The other is an opportunity to remember the birth of The Son of God - the source of all those blessings. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you take commercialism, presents, neighborhood treats, Black Friday, crazy holiday lights, decorations and fuss out of the picture - Thanksgiving and Christmas should really be friends and play nicely in the sandbox. And Thanksgiving should come first and get due recognition for it's highly important place in the end-of-year holiday line-up - first remember the blessings, then remember the Source.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Battle of The Bands

On my right is my boss - blasting classical Christmas music. On my left is my co-worker - blasting oldies in an effort to drown out the classical Christmas music. Then there's me - plugged into Pandora, listening to Adele "Someone Like You". And not only is the music blasting - but randomly, my co-worker starts singing along to her oldies station so my boss starts humming Christmas tunes really loudly. I sorta feel obligated to unplug my iPod and start singing out loud too. Too bad our other co-worker isn't here to blast and sing along to her Spanish tunes. That would be the icing on the cake.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mom's are Great!

Saturday I went to a bridal shower with my Mom. On the way, I needed a potty stop so she asked me if I wanted her to stop at Monk-donalds so I could go to the bathroom. I think we've been watching too many back-to-back episodes of Monk lately. What do you think?

Then, out of nowhere she waved at some random people on the side of the road. So, I asked her, 'Do you even know them?' To which she responded, 'It's the MISSIONARIES! Those are the people that wear nametags and black suits. Have you been home from your mission so long that you don't even recognize what missionaries look like anymore?!'

Maybe I have been home that long! Anyway, I love my Mom! She always keeps me laughing!