Thursday, June 4, 2009

Postage Stamps and Purple Paint

Okay, so your meeting was informative. I suppose the meeting I just left was informative...but I have absolutely NO IDEA what was said or accomplished in that meeting. First off, the boss picked colors for the walls in the new conference room. So now we have some very bright pastel blue walls and a greenish kind of brown (that's supposed to be the 'accent wall'...bleh!). And did I mention that our conference room is now literally the size of a postage stamp? Seriously - we have to start seating against the far wall and work up to the front - there isn't even room to walk behind the chairs...if there was a fire and the person closest to the door didn't move fast enough, the poor people on the far end would be crispy critters. The one good thing that came out of the meeting was playing with paint...and other sweet new crafting product we just got samples of. I managed to keep myself sufficiently occupied the entire time by painting stars on my notebook paper. AND I managed to get out of there alive. And that's how I became a sardine.

So, Ashley, how many days until you 'tie the knot', 'get hitched', 'end your singles career', 'take that big step' and get married? I need to put it in my insanely busy schedule....on the line between 'Nothing to do' and 'Noone to see'.