Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Ride The Short Bus Part 2

Okay, so I had to finish the story I started in my last post - the story about how I started riding the short bus. ;)
So after my run-in (pun intended) with the air conditioning unit, Wendy and I were knocking doors in an area full of row homes. For everyone who doesn't know what a row home is: it is a series of houses all linked together in porch and wall. So if you walk up to one door, you can easily step across the 12 inch wooden divider and pow! You're on the next porch. Well, I was on one such porch and needed to get to the next door so I lifted my left leg over the divider...and POW! I was NOT on the next porch. I did, however, have a shooting pain in my left temple right about the same location as the bruise from the a.c. unit. I had unknowingly and uncoordinately, not seen the low hanging, thick wooden divider hanging from the CEILING. So later, when Wendy said 'Look there's a cardinal' and I responded with 'Yeah! It's a red one!' Wendy didn't wonder too much about why I was so dumb. She did threaten to buy me a helmet for Christmas though.