Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Once Upon A Time

I should probably feel guilty that my blog has gone sappy...but...what can I say. Love is in the air?

Well, our story is certainly a tale as old as time ... our story starts - guess where? - the singles ward! I know, I know. I said I would never be one of those people who met their future spouse in the singles ward. It always seemed a little cheesy. But...The Lord has a sense of humor. Anyway, we met in February and became casual friends. I thought he was super cool - but when we first met I was doing full-time school and work so I honestly wasn't interested in a relationship. Luckily, or sadly...the poor guy thought I was interested in someone else so he never asked me out.

Fast forward a couple of months. This is where we had a little Divine Intervention...It was my Mom's birthday. Uncharacteristically, a friend and I decided to kidnap her for a girls night and go to dinner. As we were sitting there eating some super tasty food - in walked Placido. I thought, 'Hey, I know him. I should say hi.' So I did. Ten minutes later I came back to our table with a date for that Saturday.

Saturday he sent me a message saying he would really like to invite me to go to dinner with him. It was such a sweet way to ask - immediately I was intrigued. We had an awesome time! We laughed and joked, had deep conversation, and felt completely comfortable with one another. I think I knew after that first date - but it sure took me a long time to admit it.

For the next couple of months we continued to 'go on dates' and I absolutely loved spending time with him. The more I got to know him - the more I liked him. But I refused to admit we were dating. Honestly, this time it was my turn to think he was interested in someone I profusely swore we were just going on dates as friends. Then, slowly everything changed. Somewhere along the way we fell in love. And in a quiet, subtle way we both just knew we wanted to and were supposed to get married. And poof - all of the sudden I was calling the temple and booking a reception hall.

And now there's a ring on my finger, a date in my planner, a dress in my car, a caterer on speed dial, and a whole lot of lovin' in my heart. We've made some great memories already and I can't wait for eternity to make a whole lot more!


King Family said...

Oh, this story makes me feel so happy, Kriss!!! What a cute, cute guy you have! :) congratulations, again! I'm super excited for you!!

Baby Sister said...

Kriss, this was so sweet!! I'm so happy for you. :)

Stacy Lynn Carroll said...

So excited for you!! And he sounds great, can't wait to meet him! P.s. you need to post some pictures of the two of you! So, so happy =) Dance of joy going on in my room right now. All for you, babe!

kris said...

I'm so happy for you and it was so fun to read your story! Congrats. marriage is wonderful. and hard. but also wonderful :)

Junaid Walayat said...

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